Self-Employed Happy Hour season finale - Pyragraph

Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast: Season Finale & Awkward Office Party

Self-Employed Happy Hour

Just in time for summer vacay, we wrap our second season by inviting all our guests from this season (plus a few more) and popping open the bubbly.

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Nathan Singleton - Pyragraph

Thoughts on Small-Venue Audience Etiquette

Nathan Singleton

Don’t buy shots for the band. Honestly, the last thing most performers need (myself included) is more free booze.

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Sage Harrington - Pyragraph

I Can’t Believe People Are Giving My Band Money Through Patreon Plus some tips for running your Patreon campaign

Sage Harrington

Somehow, magically, people have decided to give us a not-too-shabby chunk of cash for doing something that we have been doing and would do anyway for free.

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Grilled drumstick - Clarke Conde - Pyragraph

How to Build a Library of Food Photos and a Dishware Collection Albuquerque food photographer Clarke Condé's New Dish Project

| | 1 Comment

The challenge: to begin to build a new collection of dishes that complement the food and add something to the aesthetics of a food photograph.

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Tractor Brewing Company - Pyragraph

Building a Fundraising Event Around a Brewing Company ABQ alert! Tractor Brewing Company Wells Park to host a Planned Parenthood fundraiser this Saturday

Tractor Brewing Company

When a community comes together and combines art, music, food, and beer, you can’t go wrong. Ingredients to a successful endeavor, perhaps? We think so.

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Stardust Venn diagram - Pyragraph

The Venn-Diagramming of Creative Collaboration

Guest Blogger

Hannah Kauffmann Venn diagrams the shit out of the collaborations behind this weekend’s big event, the Stardust Sociable Spectacle and Digital Super Seek.

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Pumped and Dumped - Pyragraph

Still Knocked Up


Filmmaker Kate Barton talks biologically about the elongated pregnancy of her film, “Pumped & Dumped,” currently being crowdfunded on Seed&Spark.

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Lex Tub-Pyragraph

GJURASIC FACTOR: Immunize Yourself From Rejection

Alexandra Gjurasic

Submitting your work is more like being a slut. The more you put your work out there, the more likely you will get laid. And you’ll get better at doin’ it.

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Ashlee Renz-Hotz - Pyragraph

For the Spoilsports, Downbeats and Pessimists An impromptu therapy session

Ashlee Renz-Hotz

I sometimes find myself still pandering to my inner saboteur, always trying to justify my choices. When a stranger asks me what I do, I will often say a general, airy, “I’m in the arts.”

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Simon Joyner

What’s Your Deal, Simon Joyner?

Pyragraph Staff

The inimitable Simon Joyner is set to serenade Albuquerque on May 11 at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery.

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