Getting Your Shit Together - Pyragraph

Getting Your Shit Together as an Artist

Jed Alexander
| Davis, CA, US | | 0 Comments

Even if you went to art school or you’ve been making art for years, think of the day you get your shit together as day one.

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Damian Taggart - Mindshare Studios - Pyragraph

An Open Letter to Adobe Why I cancelled our Creative Cloud subscription

| | 1 Comment

Guest blogger and web developer Damian Taggart cut the cord to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and explains why in this open letter.

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Oh My Fat Guy - Pyragraph

App Creation Is Like Playing the Lottery First-week sales data for our game, Oh My Fat Guy

Ryan Leonski
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

I wanted to write this post for those interested in the sales side of creating a game and illuminate what first-time developers can expect in sales.

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Myriam Klatt - Pyragraph

Don’t Just Write What You Know, Write What You Love

| Berlin, Germany | | 1 Comment

Because when it comes to my passion, I’m just not able to compromise: I only can tell what I want to tell and tell it just the way I tell it.

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Aaron J. Shay - Pyragraph

Lessons I’ve Learned From Busking

Aaron J. Shay
| Seattle, WA, US | | 0 Comments

Some people will tip you with fresh produce. These people are your friends.

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GJURASIC FACTOR: The Value of Unsupportive Parents

Alexandra Gjurasic
| Tucson, AZ, US | | 1 Comment

The benefit of your parents not giving a shit about your art is that you don’t have to give TWO SHITS back. You don’t have to care what they think of what you make.

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Sara Zia Ebrahimi - Pyragraph

3 Reasons You Should Be Okay With the Fact That Your Film’s Kickstarter Failed

Sara Zia Ebrahimi
| Philadelphia, PA, US | | 0 Comments

You tried. That’s awesome. Now, I’m encouraging you to join me, as a fellow filmmaker with a Kickstarter that didn’t reach its goal, and try something else.

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Mark Lopez - Pyragraph

How to Slowly but Surely Finish That Damn Novel

Mark Lopez
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

I thought I could Kerouac it in one fell swoop, creating a masterpiece in the span of a couple days.

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Robert Lanterman - Brian May - Pyragraph

What Going to College Taught Me About Being a Musician

Robert Lanterman
| Boise, ID, US | | 0 Comments

As if there’s anything less punk, I got my bachelor’s degree in business with a focus in marketing.

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Tabatha Shaun - Pyragraph

How to Feel Great Before, During and After an Audition

Tabatha Shaun
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 3 Comments

The couple hours before the audition are spent figuring out secrets the character has. The secrets are my favorite part.

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Starlings #21 by Paolo Patrizi - Pyragraph

‘Starlings #21′ by Paolo Patrizi

Pyragraph Staff

Our background art, “Starlings #21″ by Paolo Patrizi, is featured in PhotoSummer, a photography collaboration led by the UNM Art Museum and 516 ARTS.

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