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Breaking Bad art

Steven Seagal Called Me a Faggot and All I Got Was This Job on ‘Breaking Bad’

Michael Flowers

“Breaking Bad” art by Michael Flowers. I wrote my first screenplay for a New Mexico film festival about 10 years ago. The deal was to write a 10-minute script and submit it for review to Flicks on 66 (which eventually morphed into the Duke City Shoot-Out). The festival judges would choose seven of the screenplays and enable those writers to make a film by giving them a crew, cameras, lighting and other equipment, and an evening on…

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Pyragraph LIVE from the Albuquerque Press Club - Pyragraph

Pyragraph LIVE from the Albuquerque Press Club: Steven J Westman The Curious Townie visits and updates us on the 505 Faces project

Pyragraph Staff

Photo courtesy of Wes Naman and Clarke Condé. Subscribe to Pyragraph TV on YouTube.  While the The National Press Club hosted Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis for a barely relevant talk about the situation in Eastern Europe in light of the current migrant crisis and increased military spending in this former soviet satellite, hosts Peri Pakroo and Clarke Condé spoke with an expert, Steven J Westman, at the Albuquerque…

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Pyragraph 1st Anniversary Extravaganza

Highlights from One Year of Pyragraph: 10 Must-Read Posts

Eva Avenue

As seriously as artists take their art they sure are just about the silliest group of people. If they aren’t producing derivative work, they claim to still be “working” while they’re staring out of a window—thinking! A med student studies all the time and spends nights interning in a hospital. Imagine how much progress a film student would make if they took the same non-stop approach to their vocation! I kid, I kid. I’m…

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Kaatje Gotcha by Clarke Conde - Pyragraph

Comedy Changes Everything: How Doing Stand-up Changed My Life

Kaatje Gotcha

Photo by Clarke Condé. It’s a good day when you make your therapist laugh, and especially so when her name is Hope. I have an incomplete spinal cord injury, with a severe pain syndrome from chest level down and am once again typing on my hospital bed in the living room. Paradoxically, there is no connection between my brain and my skin receptors, so I need to check my feet daily for sores and ulcers as even a small cut or blister will go…

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The Accidental Filmmaker

Scott Milder

Left: Me as a little kid very strangely building a guy in my bedroom. Middle: Getting a book on witchcraft for Christmas my sophomore year of college. Right: Me in front of the Standpipe in Bangor, Maine in 2005 (a big deal to Stephen King fans, re: “It”). It’s all sort of related.   There are two sort of archetypal stories about very famous filmmakers and how they got their start. The first is about Steven Spielberg, who…

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Amelia Ampuero in SEND.

Why Filmmakers Should Learn to Love the Theater

Scott Milder

“I just ate a bloody rat!” Amelia Ampuero in SEND.   One thing I’ve heard over and over from some of my indie filmmaker friends over the years is that they don’t like working with “theater actors.” Oft-cited reasons are that they’re too “actor-y” (whatever that means), or they’re divas, or they’re “not real,” or they ask too many questions. That last one there is very telling. It seems to me that questions would not be a…

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Now - new 1lluminati - Pyragraph

Technology and Career Trends for Artists in 2017 and Beyond

Image by new 1lluminati. A number of technological advances are introducing themselves more and more prominently into our everyday lives, it seems, the closer we get to the year 2020. How can we incorporate technology into our lives as artists in a way that honors our daily creative work, but also takes our changing economy into account? Trending Careers and Technologies If you’re interested in what the “real world” has to say…

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The End of the Road - Pyragraph

How to Keep Perspective When You’re Living the Movie You’re Making


Photo by Steven Marx. Tai Uhlmann is a filmmaker and the director of The End of the Road , a feature film that is currently being crowdfunded on Seed&Spark. Filmmakers tell stories they are passionate about. They make films about what they know. I have directed two films and am directing my third. I have always chosen subjects that are of a community I am close to or part of. For my first film, Bad Jews in My Kitchen, I interviewed Jewish…

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AJ Woods - Pyragraph

Music Makers: AJ Woods on Recording, Favorite Bands and Vulgar Venues

Pyragraph Staff

Photo by Johnny Gomez. AJ Woods is releasing not one, but two new albums this April: The Fence and Movement in the Grass. (CD release show details below.) You can find AJ online at  his website, on Bandcamp and on Facebook. On the recordings: I recorded T​he Fence​ mostly at KUNM’s Studio A. Steven Nery engineered the recordings with support from Roman Garcia. It was recorded mostly live, all in one…

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Self-Employed Happy Hour Season Finale - Pyragraph

Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast: Awkward Holiday Office Party & Season Finale Our sloppy free-for-all holiday party to wrap 2014

Self-Employed Happy Hour

Photo by Peri Pakroo. Subscribe to the Self-Employed Happy Hour podcast at iTunes. To close out the year we figured why not throw a party—hell, why not our very own Awkward Holiday Office Party for us creatively self-employed? We went and did it—and what a party it was! We invited everyone who appeared on the show this season—plus new guests Andy Lyman and Adrian Toto from The Tan, painter Laila Cola Weeks and artist Billy Joe Miller—to talk…

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Jamie Hill - Pyragraph

Tips From the Independent Producer: Get It Out There

Jamie Hill

Photo by Steven Coutts. As an independent producer/engineer, I work in a lot of different capacities on a lot of different types of projects. Sometimes I’m just putting a mix on something someone else has recorded, and sometimes I’m intimately involved with every aspect of a project from a piano/vocal demo through to mastering. Most projects fall somewhere between those two extremes, and as such I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different types…

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I Can’t Tell Which Job Is My Side Job

Billy McCall

Billy da Bunny explains the rules for Zine Olympics. The good people here at Pyragraph asked me if I would write something for this month’s current theme: side jobs. I agreed, of course, being careful not to let it slip that writing for them is my side job. (Shhh… don’t tell.) Everyone always wants to know how to find side jobs while trying to “make it” as a writer. If you ever bump into someone famous, like David Sedaris or Steven King, be…

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Social network by Dani Alvarez - Pyragraph

The Social Network and the Art of the Hobnob Minus Jesse Eisenberg becoming a billionaire, plus all the awkwardness

Dani Alvarez

Image by Dani Alvarez. A few weekends ago I attended a party for the sole purpose of “networking.” The promise of sangria helped, yes, but mostly I went to meet a friend of friend who is involved in what I soon discovered is a very niche form of a career that I will probably not pursue. Let’s be real, no one likes small talk. If you do you should be taken to a lab for testing and cloning immediately. The party was lovely, the friend of a…

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Aaron J. Shay - Pyragraph

Sci-Fi and Folk: They’re Not Mutually Exclusive

Aaron J. Shay

Image courtesy of Aaron J. Shay. This was orginally published at Kings River Life Magazine and is reposted here with kind permission from the author. Science fiction and folk music are complementary ideas. This may sound strange to some, but for me, it just makes sense. So often, we think of science fiction taking place in the far-flung future, and folk music stuck in the far-flung past, but that’s not always the case. For example, Alternate…

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Daphne Stanford - Pyragraph

Writers: How to Thrive in 5 Easy Steps Don't just survive, thrive!

Photo by Tracy Hunter. The writing life is hard. There, I said it. Having graduated from a respectable MFA program about five years ago, I’ve watched several of my former classmates publish books, continue on as teachers, and regularly contribute to literary journals. As for me, I’ve taken the slow route. For a while, I had trouble finding a job I loved, so my writing suffered. However, one of the most helpful pieces of advice my MFA thesis…

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James Judd in repose

The 5 Essential Books You Need to Write Your Essay or Solo Show

James Judd

Sometimes—or if you’re like me, every day—you find yourself stuck, working on your essay or solo show. It isn’t working but you don’t know why. You can call a friend who does the same kind of work and to ask him or her what to do to get your story out of its jam. The whole conversation becomes about their writer’s block and suddenly that bottle of Goldschlager you’ve been sipping on all morning is gone, and you’ve accomplished nothing….

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