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Pyragraph is an online career and lifestyle magazine for creatives and community organizers worldwide. We feature resources, blog posts and other content from folks working on arts/music/film/etc., community work and passion projects of all kinds, sharing entertaining stories and lessons learned.

Our bloggers include visual artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, community organizers,writers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, activists, and many others forging their own paths. Their posts share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the mildly unsettling in the life of being an independent worker. Through storytelling and sharing practical tips, Pyragraph’s bloggers help illuminate the path for others heading into similar territory.

Pyragraph’s content reflects an inclusive range of perspectives on creative and community-oriented careers and lifestyles, including juggling side jobs, finding funding, managing projects, handling money, and more.

Pyragraph also offers resources such as downloadable contract templates and e-guides to help indies pursue projects and self-employment. Some are free and some are available for purchase; you’ll find all of them on our Resources page.

Pyragraph’s content is all aimed at helping readers keep their fires burning and navigate their own unique independent path.

Who We Are

Peri Pakroo

Peri Pakroo—Founder, Publisher, Editor 

Outside her work with Pyragraph, Peri is a business author and coach, specializing in creative and smart strategies for self-employment and small business. She has started, participated in, and consulted with businesses and nonprofits for more than 20 years. Her focus is on helping people build structure for their passions to find success on their own terms. 

Peri received her law degree from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1995, and a year later began editing and writing for Nolo, specializing in business and intellectual property issues. She is the author of several top-selling Nolo titles on small business and nonprofit start-ups including The Small Business Start-Up Kit, The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit and Starting & Building a Nonprofit.

Peri accidentally started her first band The Moist Towelettes at the age of 40 with her husband Turtle O’Toole. Since then she has played in a number of bands including Bellemah, The Directory and her own folk rock project, Peri & the FAQs.

In 2012, Peri saw the need for a resource featuring the voices of a wide range of creative workers and the many different career paths they take. She founded Pyragraph to fill this need. Here’s the Pyragraph start-up story.

Lisa Barrow, Editor - PyragraphLisa Barrow—Editor

Lisa Barrow occasionally worries that her professional creative life is spiraling into control. She’s a freelance writer, editor, and “whatever-you-needer” who spent two years at Albuquerque’s Weekly Alibi as Arts & Lit editor and Web editor. A member of the Dirt City Writers collective, she speaks Spanglish at home and has a book obsession that is definitely, absolutely, without a doubt under control.

Eva AvenueEva Avenue—Art Director

Eva Avenue works daily in the fields of art, music and journalism. She has lived in Amsterdam, Portugal, France, Florida, New Mexico, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Seattle. She sits at Zen centers and takes ballet on the side.