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Brutus - David - Pyragraph

Art is Political Because Life is Political

Aaron J. Shay

Everything we touch and use in this world has been affected by the choices of businesses, governments, activist groups and individual people. The instruments we play our music on, our paints and canvases, the plays that we read from, the books that we publish.

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Dear Little Bobby - Pyragraph

Dear Little Bobby: Activist Or Artist?

Little Bobby Tucker

I want to create art which reflects my anger and to protest Trump, but then I will not be making the positive art that I originally planned for this year. I don’t want this fascist to be the reason I do anything, but I also don’t want to ignore what is happening around me. Which direction I should take?

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Kat Downs - Pyragraph

Shit Will Get Done, and It Will Be Fun—2017

Kat Downs

One human artist with all the feelings and occasional depression and anxiety cannot—CONSISTENTLY—do all of those things in 12 hours. What you CAN do is figure out how to use your time without burning yourself out. You will get done what you can get done and let the rest go. This is the only way to break the cycle.

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