Coffee + Creatives Job Listings - Pyragraph

Coffee + Creatives Job Listings: 1.8.18

Coffee + Creatives
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

Welcome to the inaugural Coffee + Creatives Job Listings! We are pleased to bring you the latest in gigs, jobs, and funding for creatives around the world. Jobs and funding opportunities included in our listings tend to be flexible and/or remote, though we will include some from our home state of New Mexico.

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Scale of Sexual Predation by Inga Muscio - Pyragraph

Scale of Sexual Predation

Inga Muscio
| | 1 Comment

We are close to something truly sprawling and ugly, so the big monsters are inundating us with lesser demons. In the spirit of keeping our attention on what’s really behind that flash flood, I created this Scale of Sexual Predation.

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ABQ Zine Fest Seven - Pyragraph

Build a New World with Zines

Marya Errin Jones
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

Zine fests make small cracks in the foundation of authoritarian, nationalist, dictatorial power that hides under progress of the digital age.

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Nightly Noodle Monthly by Eva Avenue - Pyragraph

Fast Heart Mart Out with New Book on US Music Tour

Eva Avenue
| St. Petersburg, FL, US | | 1 Comment

As long as I’ve been a fan, Martin has said the same thing: “If you choose a path to fall back on, you will.” Martin is balls to the wall.

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Jennifer Angus, In the Midnight Garden, Renwick Gallery, 2015 - Pyragraph

Insects, Both Patterned and Chaotic: ‘Cross Pollination’ at 516 ARTS Part 2 of 2: Interview with Jennifer Angus

516 ARTS
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 1 Comment

I have observed that many people dislike insects but when formed into patterns, a kind of ordered control is established. It puts people at ease. Isn’t that what man has always sought to do? We want to control Mother Nature.

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A Better Nectar Installation - Pyragraph

A Journey for the Senses: ‘Cross Pollination’ at 516 ARTS Part 1 of 2: Interview with Jessica Rath

516 ARTS
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 1 Comment

The works of both Rath and Angus have been shaped by direct interactions with nature and science, a desire to understand insects more deeply and a commitment to advance the discourses around current dangers facing the natural world.

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Yuansu VII-Beehand V2 by Ren Ri - Pyragraph

Reflections on Pollinator Patterns of Life Across Art and Science Interview with artist and educator Porter Swentzell

516 ARTS
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

As observers of the natural world, artists and scientists find new audiences and new grounds to discuss and create in the face of a changing environment and impacts to pollinator populations. As pollinators end up on the endangered species list, is our humanity the result of our inhumanity?

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Net neutrality - Pyragraph

No Internet, No Music: Why Musicians Need to Care About Net Neutrality

Guest Blogger

Musicians and the music they create are critical to halting further attacks on net neutrality. When net neutrality protections were at risk of being destroyed in the past, musicians came out in large numbers during a multi-year campaign to save it. And we are needed this time around too.

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Performing musicians - Pyragraph

Do I Need a Booking Agent?

| Philadelphia, PA, US | | 0 Comments

Trust me, filling a ticketed show is hard work. Getting 30 people out to a gig on a Friday night in a large metropolitan city is like pulling teeth! That’s why bands split bills. If you’re at a place where you can fill the room, you probably could use a booking agent.

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George Braque and Juan Gris - Pyragraph

What Does It Mean When Someone Says, ‘Your Work Reminds Me Of…’

Jed Alexander
| Davis, CA, US | | 0 Comments

Inevitably someone is going to compare your work to someone else’s. And when someone says, “This reminded me of your work” it’s hard to know what they mean.

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Lilah Rose with Monica Demarco, photo by Peri Pakroo - Pyragraph

How Do I Know If I’m Ready for Management?

| Philadelphia, PA, US | | 3 Comments

If your inbox is overflowing with booking requests and media opportunities, and you simply cannot handle the workload on your own, you need a manager.

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Dear Little Bobby - Pyragraph

Dear Little Bobby: Waste Not, Guilt Not

Little Bobby Tucker
| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

Far too often in this country we throw things away that would still be wanted by someone else. Everything from perfectly edible food which places like Whole Foods throw away because the bananas are “a little too yellow” to the unwanted pets that get thrown away by fools who get a dog without wanting the responsibility of its care.

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