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Invoice/Income Tracking Spreadsheet - Pyragraph

Why on earth you would want to track your hours, invoices and income in a spreadsheet? Because you know you’ve gotta use your brain in efficient ways, by recording your time working on various projects, and what invoices you’ve sent or haven’t yet sent, and who has paid their invoices and when. Having this information organized and easily accessible prevents you from being a hot mess with important money-related recordkeeping. Yes, like all those times you find yourself scrambling, anxiously pawing through piles of disorganized papers on your desk, because weren’t you just so sure that that person was supposed to have paid you by now…or did you deposit that check already? WAIT—did you forget to send the invoice? And, oh crap, was that check really nestled within a pile of sheet music the whole time?

OK, this spreadsheet can’t help you get your butt of the couch to keep your desk organized and deposit your checks efficiently. But once you have that butt in gear, it is a powerful tool in helping you keep your shit straight. To use the spreadsheet, just click below to download it to your hard drive, open with Excel or other spreadsheet software, and start entering your stuff.

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