Licensing Kit: Music Licensing Agreement for Use in a Film/Video Contract template for use by musician or filmmaker

Music Licensing Agreement Kit - Pyragraph

Anyone who has ever made a video or film knows that music can have a huge impact on the final product. This is true for just about any kind of video, from a narrative thriller to a television commercial spot to an industrial training video: Music helps set the tone, engages viewers, and can sometimes make or break a video project.

It follows that as a video/filmmaker, or as a musician, it’s important to understand how to obtain or give the necessary rights to a piece of music so that everyone is on the same page about how the music will be used, what fees will be paid (if any), and other important terms. Knowing the basics of music licensing is important to avoid conflicts—or even worse, allegations of infringement or other legal troubles—which are especially painful to deal with after a film is made.

That’s where this Music Licensing Agreement comes in: It is a simple legal document covering the important aspects of the agreement between the musician and filmmaker, regarding use of a piece of music in a video/film.

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