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Welcome to the Pyragraph Store, where you can buy downloadable resources and coaching services to help you push your creative work forward! We offer budget-priced downloadable resources such as contract templates, as well as coaching and services to guide your creative endeavors—all specifically for folks doing creative work. You can buy our premium resources and coaching/services sessions a la carte, or as part of a PyraPASS membership which also include access to deals and all sorts of other cool stuff (details below).

You can also support Pyragraph here in the store by buying one of our PyraRegistry items: You can pay for a blogger’s post, help cover our editorial budget, or pitch in to our tech/hosting funds. We count on reader support so we thank you VERY kindly for buying something from our Registry!

As a special perk to our Backstage and VIP PyraPASS buyers, you’ll get PyraSWAG: free stuff from our Etsy Store, featuring old books, vintage gadgets, odd ephemera and other weird shit! When you buy your pass you’ll get a code to redeem for free PyraSWAG. Lucky you!


Downloadable Information Resources

Besides our 1000+ (and counting) free posts, we offer a select list of Premium Resources including contract templates; downloadable spreadsheets to manage your projects and equipment; and in-depth guides to help you understand copyright and other intellectual property issues.

All PyraPASS members get free access to the Resources listed below! See PyraPASS Memberships, below, for details.


Licensing Kit: Music Licensing Agreement for Use in a Film/Video

The info and agreement template in this Licensing Kit is aimed at helping filmmakers and musicians execute an agreement for a song to be included in a film or video. Buy or click for more info, below.

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Downloads_merchandiseMerchandise License Agreement Template Kit

This kit provides a basic merchandise license agreement template as well as explanatory background and instructions for filling out the template. Buy or click for more info, below.

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Downloads_incometrackerInvoice/Income Tracking Spreadsheet

Having your hours, invoices and related info organized and easily accessible prevents you from being a hot mess with important money-related recordkeeping. Buy or click for more info, below.

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Creative Career Coaching & Support Services

Our network of experienced creative professionals will help you navigate the often labrynthine path of doing creative work. Using a coaching model, our Coaches will answer your questions and help guide your career and projects. We can also edit your resume or help you develop an editorial feature about your work. For the skinny on coaching, and more info about our awesome Coaches see our Creative Career Coaching page!

Backstage and VIP PyraPASS members get 50% off all Coaching & Services! See PyraPASS Memberships, below, for details.


Self-Employment Coaching with Peri Pakroo

Pyragraph’s Publisher Peri Pakroo is a business author and coach with a focus on helping those new to business understand the ins and outs of self-employment. Peri will help you understand the legal and tax basics of being a freelancer (a.k.a. self-employed) and get you ready to say goodbye to your day job. 1 hour.


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Wellness Coaching with Antonia Montoya

Antonia Montoya wears a lot of hats: musician, entrepreneur, and Certified Health Education Specialist. She knows the special challenges facing creatives and can help you develop healthy habits that work with your lifestyle and help your creativity flow. 1 hour.


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Visual Art Career Coaching with Nancy Zastudil

Curator Nancy Zastudil has years of experience working with artists through her gallery, Central Features Contemporary Art, as well as through many years of helping build arts communities in Houston, Albuquerque, and elsewhere. Nancy can help you develop successful strategies for your visual arts career, including how to find the right gallery(ies) for your work. 1 hour.


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Social Media Coaching

Pyragraph Publisher Peri Pakroo will help you understand the best channels and methods to use in promoting your creative work, specific to your circumstances and goals. 1 hour.


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General Creative Career Coaching

One of our coaches (your choice) will help you clarify goals and identify the priority stuff you need to focus on to push your creative work forward, in the direction and at the speed that you choose. 1 hour.


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Media Production Services Inquiry

We have an extensive network of creatives who can help you with content development, graphic design, website development, social media management, print production and more. To discuss rates and the details of your project, please contact our Publisher and Chief Project Manager Peri Pakroo.



PyraPASS Memberships

Buy a PyraPASS and get access to information, deals, coaching, community, and other resources, in a package deal! PLUS you’ll get FREE PyraSwag from our Etsy store! For all the deets on our memberships, see our PyraPASS page.


Need quality information resources for your creative career? Buy a Media Pass and get immediate access to all of our Premium Resources, including new resources as they are added. Just $15/year!

Our Premium Resources include licensing agreement templates and contract samples; downloadable spreadsheets; e-guides on copyright and other topics for creatives; and more!

Buy a Media Pass now! Purchase options:



A Backstage Pass gets you access to all of our Premium Resources, PLUS:

• member-only PyraDEALs
• a free one-on-one Pyragraph Coaching session every 6 months
• 50% off all Pyragraph Coaching and Services (beyond your free sessions)
• a Pyragraph T-shirt (for 6-mo and 1-yr members), AND—last but not least—
• an almost-free PyraSWAG item from our Etsy store!

Buy a Backstage Pass now! Purchase options:

$20/month | $110/6 months | $200/year


A VIP Pass is a great way for you motivated creatives to push your career and projects forward! With a VIP Pass you’ll get access to all of our Premium Resources, PLUS:

• a free one-on-one Pyragraph Coaching session every month
• 50% off all Pyragraph Coaching and Services (beyond your free sessions)
• a Pyragraph T-shirt, AND
• an almost-free PyraSWAG item from our Etsy store!

Buy a VIP Pass now! Purchase options:

$95/month | $550/6 months | $995/year


What is PyraSwag?

When you buy a PyraPASS membership, you’ll get a coupon code for almost-free stuff from our Etsy store! PyraSwag! Choose from any item marked PyraSwag.

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You read that right, Pyragraph sells stuff at Etsy! We specialize in budget-priced weird collectibles, especially old books and odd ephemera. Items marked PyraSwag are eligible as almost-free perks for PyraPASS members! When you buy a PyraPASS you’ll get a discount code.

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