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A wise person once said: Free press ain’t free.

Your financial support directly helps us generate daily content and cultivate an independent, progressive and inclusive creative community! Make a recurring PyraPledge, or give one-time support.

The most powerful way you can support Pyragraph: Give a monthly pledge.

By making a recurring pledge at an amount you choose, you are directly building a sustainable business model for our grassroots arts publication.

$3/month covers our domain name renewal each year.

$15/month covers email hosting for our email addresses.

$25/month covers one blogger’s post. Our most popular pledge!

$55/month covers extra budgets for special features OR emergency tech OR in-house graphic design OR all kinds of other stuff.

$185/month covers roughly one week’s worth of content, including paying bloggers and our Managing Editor—plus technology as needed. This kind of support really helps us grow!


Pay a Blogger: $25

We depend on reader support to keep cranking out helpful, entertaining content every day. A great way to support us is to cover the cost of one blog post.

Pay a Photographer: $75

Contribute to our photography budget which helps us pay the photogs who take the excellent images you see on Pyragraph’s virtual pages.

Pay An Editor: $100

Help cover our editorial budget, which we use to pay the rad editors who find and work with our amazing bloggers.

Pay for Technology: $185

You’d be surprised at how much tech is required to run our simple little online magazine. Help us cover our budget.

Pay What You Will: $___

Give us your money, thankyouverymuch. You pick the amount.

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