Music Videos

Music videos may be the perfect art form, bringing together songwriting, recording, screenwriting, producing, filmmaking, and other creative juice to fill the gaps. The posts below share our bloggers’ experiences with low-budget, no-budget, big-budget, high-concept, low-concept, and no-concept music videos.

Right of publicity meme - Pyragraph

Dear Rich: I Was In a Music Video But Never Paid

Rich Stim

Congratulations on being viewed by more people than the combined population of South Dakota, Delaware and Montana. Although your numbers pale when compared to Grumpy Cat or OMG Cat, you do have something in common with those feline YouTube stars: You’re not likely to see a paycheck. Here’s why.

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TV Heads - Pyragraph

What’s Your Deal, TV Heads?

Pyragraph Staff

Sean: “I really love ambient and post-classical music, and I listen to a ton of A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Stars of the Lid and things like that. I was able to see synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani a few months ago and it was mindblowing.”

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Iska Dhaaf - Pyragraph

What’s Your Deal, Iska Dhaaf?

Pyragraph Staff

Try to find something real and honest within yourself and share that. Don’t be what you think people want you to be. Be prepared and rehearsed but don’t use the pre-packaged obvious stage antics. That shit is tired.

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