Sometimes “NO” is the best “YES.” Read about the different ways rejection can lead to introspection and success.

Tour van - Pyragraph

5 Lessons I Learned From My Terrible Tour

Joy Ike

If you’re an independent artist, you have no choice but to roll with the punches. Things change. Things fall apart. Venues close down their business without telling you…and then you find out through their Facebook status update (yes, this actually happened).

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Keshet Salon for Women and Creativity - Pyragraph

Watering the Seeds of Failure


Keshet’s Carolyn Tobias asks: How do we water the seeds of failure to have that pain actually produce something valuable? Learning is a verb; an action; a continual process. Learning from failure is actively choosing to see each failure as the beginning, and not the end.

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New Mexico sunset by Lauren Myers - Pyragraph

Following My Fear to Hollywood

Lauren Myers

Fear can be empowering, it can be welcoming, it can even be wanted. Fear is that strange vibration in the cavity of your torso, a buzzing pad of energy that occasionally whispers “You could fail.” And on really bad days it says, “You could get eaten alive out here.”

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You Don’t Need a Publicist (for real)

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger Judy Miller Silverman says: “I am trying to save you from that fate of wasted time and money and full-tilt depression. Go DIY before you DIE. You are not alone in having the proverbial doors slammed in your face while trying to build your project.”

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