Storytelling: it’s what every creative person does with their work at the heart of it, no matter which medium they work in. Here are posts about how creatives tell stories in any medium.

John Fugelsang on Pyragraph LIVE - Pyragraph

Pyragraph LIVE: John Fugelsang

John Fugelsang is in Albuquerque to perform “Unpresidented: The true story of a comedian trying to raise a toddler while his country was electing one” and we were lucky enough to get him into the Pyragraph LIVE studio (a.k.a. my office) to talk about comedy, politics, religion, and how he’s pulled all those elements and more into his unique creative career. 

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Chicharra by Eliza Lutz - Pyragraph

Chicharra on Chicharra

Marisa Demarco

I asked all the members of Chicharra, a band I’m in, to come up with three questions for another player. And it’s like they’ve been giving interviews their whole lives. Their curiosity about the nuances of how music is made, how the other people in our band-fam experience practice and performance, was so spot-on. I loved hearing them talk shop.

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Aaron J. Shay - Pyragraph

The Musician and The Performer

Aaron J. Shay

When there are established expectations, you can use that expectation as part of your art. You can distort it. You can reject it. You can play with it. An audience’s expectation of you is material you can shape, and you don’t have to follow the instruction booklet.

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