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Pyragraph is always looking for creatives willing to share entertaining stories and lessons learned in their pursuit of creative work. Our general editorial guidelines are here. We especially encourage POC and women to blog for us.

Most of our writers are Regular Contributors who are paid our standard rate of $25/post. Besides needing to meet our editorial guidelines, you must be willing to write at least 3 posts for Pyragraph (total, not in any specified time period) to be considered as a Regular Contributor. To apply, please use the query form on our editorial guidelines page.

We also publish posts from Guest/Community Bloggers as a way to help promote events, projects, CDs, films, Kickstarter/crowdfunding campaigns, or other ventures, via editorial content. We don’t pay Guest/Community Bloggers for their posts (we call them “Promo Posts”). If you start out as a Guest/Community Blogger and continue to submit posts, you can develop into a Regular Contributor, subject to our Editors’ discretion.

As explained in more detail in our editorial guidelines, we are always looking for new writers in the categories of art, music, design, film/stage, writing, microbusiness and community. These broad categories are intended to include coverage of all kinds of creative work such as photography, craft, product design, architecture, software design, music, sculpture, etc. We are also very interested in sharing stories about arts and community organizing. And, particularly since November 8 2016, we are also very interested in stories about the intersections between art, activism, resistance, identity, race, social justice, and issues related to positive social change.

Creative writing styles are welcome and content scope may be broad, as long as it relates to Pyragraph’s editorial mission: to provide entertaining, informative and practical content to help readers in their pursuit of creative projects and careers.

For general questions, you many contact us via our Contact Us page.

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