Don’t Just Do Something — Sit There!

There are two ways you can behave while going to the bathroom.

One way is you distract yourself. This might be fiddling with a shampoo label, reading a book, surfing the internet on your laptop, texting with your sister in law, or all of the above.

The second way to take a dump is to simply sit with your thoughts while dumping.

That is why, in my studio, I use a raised empty toilet bowl as a chair. I found it in perfect aesthetic condition near a warehouse in Austin.

And while we’re on the subject, here what my friend did to my other friend’s toilet:


It’s rare when you get the time to just sit with your thoughts and do nothing else. This is why toilet bowl surfing can be one of the best opportunities for becoming a creative genius.

Try it next time. Leave your laptop in your room, your smart phone in your dresser, and put those fiddly things down. Then, when you’re sitting, your body will be so focused on your colon mucles that you can let your imagination truly wander. You might find that you come up with ideas without even trying.

Worst case, you just wind up with a piece of shit.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Nitzberg.

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