Keeping the Ink Flowing

This is, of course, hypothetical. Let’s say you are a woman working in the music industry. Nine out of ten of your collaborators are men. Do you dip your pen in company ink? I know what you’re thinking. Of course, not! Who would be so foolish, right? Well, it ain’t so simple.

Tribulations of the heart make for magnificent writing material. And if you are, as I am and as I wish you to be, utterly consumed with your work, then what little time and, further, what precious interest would you have in getting to know someone not in your scam? Time is the essence. Let’s say you’re on tour. It takes less than a split second to explain yourself to a fellow road-warrior. Wouldn’t you relish the moment too?

“Listen, babe, we’re in this together. We’re both giving up on any semblance of relationships back home. It gets tiresome sifting through fans after the shows for the ones who speak our language or, better yet, the ones who don’t. So let’s just take care of this, our need for human warmth and create for one night or a whole tour a semblance of normal life on this traveling circus.”

So when do you cross the line? Never. Unless you’re running out of ink for a new album or have a plethora of players who’d kill to audition for your band.

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French-born Taurus with lots of Leo and the tattoos to prove it. I make albums so I can put on a show. Before that, I pointed cameras at people. Poetic justice.

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