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We go out to play a show with a ton of gear in our vehicles, ready to party. We never know how much we will make for playing a gig, but we will definitely drink for free. Some people are sober, some don’t drink at all if they are driving, and others will limit what they drink before getting behind the wheel. For better or for worse, I am in the third category.

So far so good … I feel like I am one of the lucky few in our music scene who has not had a DUI. Normally, I am really strict with myself about how much I drink. I have found (taking into account being at the bar for three hours, my weight and gender) that I can usually have two drinks and still drive. This is definitely true when I am drinking bottled beer, but liquor and wine are harder for me to gauge since the pour makes all the difference. So, if I have liquor or wine, it is best for me to stick to one drink.

Now, if I am lucky enough to have someone buy me a drink, I am really grateful, but it might push me over the edge of responsible driver. Now what? If I wasn’t playing I would just leave my car and get a cab. But not if I have thousands of dollars worth of gear in my car!

Here are the solutions I have found. I can leave my gear at the venue. Of course this will only work if the venue is locked, safe and they agree to it. I can ask someone to drive me and my gear home. Maybe I will call them a cab to get back to their car or maybe they just stay over and we have an impromptu after party. The newest solution I have found is a designated driver service called Ride Guys who will drive you and your car home. This definitely seems like an ideal solution that I have saved in my phone just in case. What do you do to get you and your gear home safe after a night of rocking out?

Photo by Antonia Montoya


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