Taking Pride in My Work

antonia montoya taking pride


It is so important to take pride in your work, especially creative work. Artists must create. It is less of an option and more of a mandate. The process is necessary and every artist has their own process. Some of us are sloppy while some of us are perfectionists. Regardless of our process it is vital to take pride in our work. Only you can decide if your work makes you proud. Many of us have learned making art is in the process. It is not the end result. Taking pride in your work is also in the process not in the end result. To check in I like to ask myself, “What have you done this week that you are proud of?” Of course I am asking this on the topic of my creative process. The answers vary so much depending on what I have done that week. Some of my responses have been:

  • I put myself out there being completely vulnerable on stage.
  • I cleaned my bass.
  • I made time for songwriting.
  • I booked a show that I am really excited about.
  • I collaborated with a fellow musician.
  • I did my vocal warm ups before practicing.
  • I went back to basics spending time on my fingering and tight rhythm.
  • I made time to play even though there were so many conflicts.
  • I wrote a song.
  • I got past my fear and began learning how to use my new gear.

This week I am proud that I gave a bass lesson to a motivated and excited fourth-grade student. I am not classically trained and didn’t feel qualified to teach. But my friend’s daughter saw me play years ago and it really made an impact. She is determined to learn and she is inspired by me so we are doing this. So far so good. Soon enough she will need to transition to a teacher with more skills and experience but for now we are both learning so much and find the experience very fulfilling.

What have you done this week that you are proud of?


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