Art in Hospitals and Healthcare Environments

Art in healthcare settings.

Artwork can go a long way in transforming cold, scary, sterile hospital settings into spaces that encourage healing. Lesley Frenz explains in her blog, ArtsyForager, what kind of artwork works best in these environments.

Artsy at Work: 5 Principles of Art for Healthcare Environments

Creating and choosing art for healthcare environments is about much more than just beautifying a space. People in those environments are often worried, stressed, sad, and in need of healing. Experts have found that through evidence-based design, these places can become much more warm and welcoming and certain design choices can actually aid the healing process. Carefully chosen artwork in these settings not only has a positive impact on the patients, visitors, and staff, but also on the perception of care given by the facility.

I’ve had several artists, designers, and publishers ask about placing artwork in healthcare environments. They want to be a part of creating a healing environment, but aren’t sure how to go about it. So considering evidence-based design and my own experiences in curating art for healthcare, I’ve put together a few guiding principles when creating or choosing art for healthcare environments.

1. Happy, engaging imagery. Nine times out of ten, unless you’re there for the entrance of a new baby into the world, being in a hospital or other type of healthcare environment is not a happy or joyful occasion.

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