The Freelancer’s Thanksgiving Bingo Card

It’s that magic-horrible-tryptophan-fatigued-but-not-broke-yet time of year!

Congratulations! You’ve hurdled over (91.6% of) the year’s shenanigans, and with what energy you’ve stored in your plastic-lined pockets, here you are at the final sprint. For freelancers, independents, and many-hat-wearers, what remains is a peculiar challenge. We know this challenge well.

In that spirit, we hope you’ll enjoy a little distraction in the form of solidarity. Or solidarity in the form of distraction. (Free lances unite! Let us overrun the treasuries and found our own fiefdom, free of laptop thigh-burn and the tyranny of lost invoices!) Because we, too, are astonished that the peak of lifestyle achievement means working our longest hours with the least light.

The Freelancer's Thanksgiving Bingo Card - Pyragraph

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  1. Happy Thanksgivukkah from Peri - Peri Pakroo on December 10, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    […] it is, Thanksgiving morning and day 2 of Hanukkah, and in the spirit of The Freelancer’s Thanksgiving Bingo I’m stealing away a little time to do just a smidge of work. With any luck my family […]

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