Freelancers Union’s A New Model for Healthcare Infographic

Freelancers Union put together a great infographic that sheds some light on the state of our current healthcare system and proposes a new, more cooperative healthcare model – one that we think artists, career creatives, and the self-employed will be especially interested in. It’s a model where people can get the healthcare help they need.


Five years ago, freelancers came together to build something great. By pooling our collective resources, we started a social-purpose insurance company whose profits went back to keeping freelancers healthy — not to shareholders.

Then after listening to the needs of those tens of thousands of freelancers, we built Freelancers Medical, a primary care practice in New York City.

This is the power of people coming together. When we do, we not only build things that help everyone, but also provide a model for how systems can work better in the future. We call this New Mutualism. We’re stronger together than we are alone.

Read the entire article at Freelancers Union.

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