Need Help Organizing Your Studio?


Do you need some help organizing your studio or workspace? At least two of us here at Pyragraph have moved recently and we can say for sure that we’re stuck in an organizational dilemma. Thankfully, Live Simply by Annie has some ideas for us.

Storage Set Up: Shelves & Bins

Because there are so many small tools and categories of tools, you want a system that provides you with many separate storage locations. The prime candidate for accomplishing that is the magical combination of shelves/ cubbies and storage bins. (You really can’t go wrong using that mix in any space.)

Any type of shelves or cubbies will do, regardless of whether they’re wall-mounted or freestanding. When it comes to the storage containers though, I would advice selectivity. Whereas in other areas a storage bin of banana leaf, wicker, or canvas can look more appealing, in the art studio I recommend sticking to plastics, metals, and woods. These are types that can be easily wiped up should arty things occur (read: paint spills, glue drips, et. al).

Read the entire article at Live Simply by Annie.

Photo by AForestFrolic.

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