Record It Yourself! Or at least try, and if it sounds like shit, keep trying

Liv, reclining on a couch, encourages you to record it yourself - Pyragraph

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Liv Mueller and I am a singer/songwriter from the Midwest.

I’m obsessed with small animals, old movies and good food. I’ve been in bands for years, I’ve toured, I’ve played great shows, and I have played shows that sounded so disjointed that I felt like standing in shame at the club’s entrance and refunding the patrons their cash as they left.

Somewhere along the line I decided to play solo, do my own recordings, and make most of my own music videos.

Why? Because I’m a fucking artist and I can. And if you are, too (translation: you are an overly emotional perfectionist with a deep need to be heard and to bare your naked soul to friends and strangers alike) then I am here to encourage you—or make you laugh.

You have recorded in studios and spent thousands of dollars, only to end up with a record that sounds like it was dipped in shellac. Or a record mixed so meticulously that when you play it for the people you love, they stare at you with discomfort, adjust themselves and say…nothing. Or they smile nervously, and you smile back, knowing that the recording is not an accurate representation of…you!

Are you imperfect? Are your live shows imperfect? Yes. BUT they capture an energy that only you can transmit, which is why I started doing recording on my own.

I encourage all singers/writers to purchase a home recording device, or software.

I don’t record on a computer, I use something called the Boss BR900 with a CD burner in it. It has tons of weird effects, and I find that when I hook it up to my guitar, keyboard or microphone, it supplies me with endless hours of, well, fun!

And that’s why we are in this, right?

I got a vacuum cleaner once and threw out the instructions. That’s okay. But dear Lord in Heaven, read the directions of whatever recording device you purchase. Otherwise, after spending 20-some hours perfecting your tune, you could press one button and erase it by mistake! (Imagine me running through the streets naked, wielding a hatchet.)

Good luck! Try it! Why pay some dude thousands of bucks, when for now (at least) you can record a song or two, give it to your friends and family, and just…start.

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About Liv Mueller

Liv Mueller is a musician from the fine Midwest. In previous lives, she fronted indie darlings The Lovelies and post-punk band The Dark Horse Project.

She has lived in Nashville and Austin, and currently resides in Wisconsin, buried in snow. Right now she is probably watching some Mae West film, or recording her music. She currently plays solo.


  1. Tim Spankowski on December 17, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    I’ve always found that a song I truly love means as much to me coming through the single speaker of an old car radio as it does remastered and fed through the most advanced sound system money can buy. I think a truly good producer can capture personality and leave out the glossy crap.

  2. Liv Mueller - on December 17, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    ..would like to add I’ve been a part of studio records and sessions that have given me great joy, I just want to encourage artists to try :)

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