Sarabah: a Film About Music and Activism


Here is the story of how a Senegalese rapper used her experience as a musician to help put an end to female genital mutilation. VoxTalk reviewed this award winning documentary:

Carefully entwining music and motion picture, Sarabah follows Sister Fa, a rapper/activist from Senegal, on her campaign to end female genital cutting, or excision.

Activism is merely one facet of this intricate film, though. If one hand is in a fist of rebellion against a dangerous social tradition, the other is pointing audience members toward a rich African culture full of music and dance. Sister Fa’s upbringing in such an environment is evident even when she was making music outside of Africa. Though her lyrics are never in English, even the translated subtitles fit the rhythm and soul of her music.

Read the entire article at VoxTalk.

Photo by John Atherton.

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  1. Thank you very much for finding this review and positing it. It really helps our little film when sites like this find news about it and re-post it. Much appreciated.

    I just wanted to point out in case it is at all misleading that this image has nothing to do with our film, anyone in it or anyone on the production team. This is a photo taken in 1967 in Senegal.

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