Artists: Postcards Are a Great Promotional Tool


How can you use postcards to promote your art? Let us count the ways.

Here are 25 ideas to help you make postcards work hard for you in growing your art business:

1. Show Invitation. Invite your retail customers and new prospects to an upcoming arts and crafts festival when you are in their area. Include your booth number and a teaser – perhaps a hint of what’s new this year.

2. Got a wholesale trade show coming up? Pre-show publicity is a must. Give your booth number, and a note about what’s new. A series of postcards mailed before a show to the same list will entice them to stop by your booth.

3. Trade show follow-up. Postcards are a great way to remind booth visitors of your work and why they gave you their business card when they were there. Jot down something about your conversation to let them know you remember them well. Layer your follow up with emails and phone calls, staying in touch on a regular basis.

Read the entire article at ArtsBusiness Institute.

Photo by Jan Schmidt.

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