A New Kind of Music Box: Personalized and 3D-Printed

A conventionally-created music box mechanism.

Music boxes were first created hundred of years ago when watchmakers (as in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Artist of the Beautiful {also at The Literature Network}) would painstakingly handcraft each one. Now, that process is getting a makeover with 3D printing technology.

Left Field Labs is a digital creative agency that focuses on bringing technology  into harmony with the human experience… Their latest endeavor, Music Drop, is a modern take on the hand-cranked music box. The team explains, “since the 18th century, people have embraced the charm of the music box – a compact music player originally built on the mechanics and tradition of artisan watchmaking. We wanted to create a modern day adaptation to put tech and cheer right in your hand.”

Buyers are able to customize the gadget’s by naming it, choosing the colors and composing the music it will play via an HTML5 site. The Team at Left Field will then assemble your Music Drop by hand and have it shipped directly to your door.

Read the entire article at PSFK.

Photo by Michael Kumm.

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