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Probably not the kind of motion-picture camera the YouTubers are using.

How do you run a good YouTube channel? Industry insider Jon Baltz will tell you: it’ll take planning and dedication, among other things–it’s more than just uploading videos.

I think this problem applies to any aspect of the music industry, from album releases to tours: People don’t go into the YouTube platform with a distinct digital plan. They don’t’ have a release schedule for videos or know how they will keep updating content. YouTube is a lot like a parking meter: If you don’t come back and keep feeding it with new content, people will start ignoring you. When you’re releasing a music video, you can’t just upload a video to your channel and walk away from it; you have to think about what’s coming next. How will you support that video? Are there media outlets that will help you best use your content?

Many people see YouTube as a promotion network that acts a lot like MTV did in the early days. But we’ve seen through Vimeo and others that music videos can actually be a big source of revenue for artists. They need to be aware of this concept, not just from a monetization perspective, but also from the perspective of owning and controlling their own rights and everything that comes along with that. I see a lot of people that will just post a video and walk away.

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