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Take Our Reader Survey, Please

Rest area survey. Photo by Nate Bolt.

The Reader Survey is here!

We’re implementing some swell new site features and content in the next couple months and want to hear from you about what you LOVE, what you like, and what you don’t dig so much about Pyragraph.

Throw your 2¢ in NOW by taking our brief Reader Survey below (just 10 easy questions), and we will bestow upon you a 15% discount code for Mammoth and Co., the extra-swell online retailer of limited edition prints and original artwork from artists around the globe. It would be most wonderful if you could respond before March 15. Complete the Reader Survey and get your Discount Code now!

Thanks for your interest in our reader survey. Unfortunately, it's now closed, so we can measure, tabulate, pour liquids between beakers, and bake a still-better website. Science! Please check back again, as we frequently offer discount codes and other goodies from our partners.

Photo by Nate Bolt.

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