What’s Your Deal, Hurdle?

Matt Corson, Karl Wulffraat, Faye Richards and Peter Lisignoli of Hurdle
Matt Corson (not pictured), Karl Wulffraat (not pictured), Faye Richards (not pictured) and Peter Lisignoli (not pictured) of Hurdle.

Hurdle is a band. They play music.

I used to play music with some of the members of this band, but the terms of our legal settlement prevent me from sharing any further information, either positive or negative. So I will leave it to the band’s founder, Matt Corson, to answer today’s query: What’s Your Deal, Hurdle?

1. What’s your act?

We are Hurdle. The music is an intertwined tapestry of pop, folk, country, and rock that is performed acoustically. Watch some videos at our Facebook page. We are brand spankin’ new.

2. Tell me about your backgrounds as artists/performers.

Funny story. We met through a MeetUp for a blood orgy. Just as Faye was about to get the party started and plunge a dagger into my bare chest, I said “I have a better idea. Let’s start a band.” The rest is history.

3. What was the worst gig you ever played? Give me all the juicy bits.

It was probably something at the Atomic Cantina.

4. Who are your favorite performers at the moment?

Shee-it. Matt picks Metronomy. Karl picks Thee Oh Sees. Faye is partial to Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Peter’s going with Sparks and Al Hurricane (tie).

5. Thanks for playing the Pyragraph fundraiser. What’s the most helpful tip you could share with aspiring performers?

Do the music that you want to do. If the public likes it, great. If not, fuck ’em. Practice practice practice!!!!

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