A Cute and Vulgar Happy Gland Band Ode to Columbus Day

When I read Inga Muscio’s excellent book, Autobiography of a Blue-eyed Devil: My Life and Times in a Racist, Imperialist Society, I knew a song had to be written, and a video had to be made. The song had to be both cute and vulgar, as is my wont.

I wrote the lyrics over the course of several weeks in snatches, on the way to and from babysitting, dog walking, ukulele lessoning, etc. Thankfully for the Happy Gland Band, the video came together, with a signature homespun feel, just in time for us to give Columbus Day a big Fuck You.

So, with this, I wish you a Happy Indigenous Peoples Day or a Happy Day of Indigenous Resistance.

Happy Gland Band - Columbus Day - Pyragraph

You can buy the song here if that’s a thing you think you might be into.

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