Adventures in Screenprinting: Baboon Fiesta T-Shirts

Baboon intaglio - Pyragraph

Intaglio print by bradford

Baboon Fiesta shirts - Pyragraph

Silk-screened shirts by Noah Armstrong, design by Eva Avenue

Using a printer, paper, scissors and tape, I designed a shirt for Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta—but my shirt says “Baboon Fiesta.” Look, there are baboons in there screaming and huddling below a popping display of hot air balloons!

We used just one color (black) silk-screened by the seat of our pants and on the fly wherever we could find a place to make them. Noah Armstrong made it all happen beyond the actual design. The orders started coming in at $30 a pop. You can order yours at

I made a video about our screenprinting adventure. Here it is!

Photos courtesy of Eva Avenue.

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