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Want To Be A Mindful Ninja Genius? Try Engaged Presence Practice

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Once upon a time last month, at a table at Brickyard with a handful of people, I told  everyone that UNM had sold my $918 debt, which I had no idea about, to collections, turning it to $1,200, thus rendering me unable to apply for painting grad school at Tulane because UNM won’t release my transcripts until I pay off the collections agency. I also showed the group this 3-foot, in-progress watercolor on paper I just so happened to have on me:

painting enhanced (1)

So Matthew Sexton, who developed Engaged Presence Practice said he would hold a workshop and he’ll contribute the ticket sales to my cause! He’s amazing! You can meet him and work with him directly on Saturday, Oct. 25 from 1-3pm at Maple Street Dance Studio in Albuquerque! $35 per ticket!

Here Matt holds the burning original flier for the Engaged Presence Practice workshop.


Pyragraph: So, Matt, what exactly IS engaged presence practice and how will it make you a ninja?

Matthew Sexton: Engaged presence practice is an on-your-feet group mindfulness exercise that grows participants’ ability to interact in helpful, authentic, playful, perceptive and expressive ways AND to gracefully respond to social overload.

What do you mean by social overload?

The human brain is tuned to process human interactions and is capable of putting all its energy and focus on that. Engaged presence practice demands physical, emotional and cognitive awareness and response. It’s highly interactive. It’s playful, but it’s also draining, and everybody experiences meeting their limits and gets lots of chances to practice graceful response to the condition of overload.

engaged flier double

ENGAGED PRESENCE PRACTICE: Active Training for the Survival of Humanity
Saturday Oct. 25, 1-3pm
Maple Street Dance Studio
3215 Central Ave NE
Get your ticket here.

Images by Eva Avenue.

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  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get this till Oct. 25. Is there another way to help Eva out? And what exactly happened that caused this unknown debt, which UNM apparently made no attempt to inform her of?

  2. Hi Elene, thanks for your comment! There IS another way to help Eva (me) out, and, actually, UNM did try contacting me but I was not living at the same house or even in the same state anymore as where they were sending the letters, and I just found out about it too late and by then it had gone to Collections. If you would like to help out financially, I’m always thrilled to take Paypal contributions – my email ID for receiving payments is eva.incognito@gmail.com. That is also a good email to contact me by if you wanted to help me out in a nonfinancial way, like if you know someone who needs help with some project or you just wanna give me a good pep talk! Cheers :)

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