Self-Employed Happy Hour: Actor Ashlee Renz-Hotz

It’s always extra cool to finally get to meet in person one of our esteemed bloggers who we know only through blog posts and occasional emails. Yesterday we were thrilled to welcome Ashlee Renz-Hotz to the Pyragraph studio, and chat with her about acting, screenwriting, living all over the world (currently in New York), computer games, 50 Shades of Grey and more.

Besides acting in theater and film, Ashlee is passionate about writing, both screenplays and novels, and we loved hearing about how all of these creative pursuits feed each other in her work. (We made Ashlee promise to write more for Pyragraph; check out the excellent posts she has already written for us.)

Host Peri Pakroo is joined by editorial co-conspirators Josh Stuyvesant and Jeremy Kinter, making for a great chat as usual. Listen below or download at iTunes!

Self-Employed Happy Hour - Pyragraph

About Self-Employed Happy Hour

Self-Employed Happy Hour is a podcast hosted by Pyragraph’s Publisher & Editor Peri Pakroo, who is also a small business author and coach. Peri chats with guests about creative self-employment and freelancing, pursuing creative projects and careers, and related topics like road tripping, thrift shopping and procrastinating. Subscribe to the Self-Employed Happy Hour podcast at iTunes.

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