PyraBlogger News: Shannon Curtis Killing It With “I Know I Know” Her music video has gone viral

Shannon Curtis (whose posts for Pyragraph are super excellent) has a viral video on her hands. A couple months ago, she reached out to her community of fans and supporters to create a video for her song “I Know I Know,” asking folks to submit short video clips of themselves holding up cards describing a struggle they’ve dealt with. She was flooded with responses, and the video she created from the first batch of clips she received is a powerful statement about sharing our vulnerabilities and finding strength through connection.

Soon after she uploaded the video to YouTube in early April, Upworthy shared it on Facebook—and the video has since been viewed almost three million times.

The overwhelming success of the video prompted Shannon and her husband/collaborator Jamie Hill to create a website where people can continue to share their stories:

Oh, and by the way, “I Know I Know” is a single from her upcoming album, Connections. She’s currently crowdfunding it at her website.

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