Songwriting and a Platform for Songwriters

K Herig-Pyragraph

Kevin Herig on strings. Photo by Jesse Littlebird.

I invited Kevin to come over to my house to fill my living room with some of his songs. I turned the camera on and we had a conversation about our latest venture, a collaboration called Paper Vinyl. It’s a platform for artists and musicians to share the process and intimacy of songwriting and live music. Paper Vinyl seeks to strip songs down to the level when artists first conceived their music.

I always enjoy picking Kevin’s and other artists’ brains about the current state of songwriting. This is the first session of many.

Video shot and edited by Jesse Littlebird of Crash X Roll Film in association with Paper Vinyl and Pyragraph.

Music Go Round Albuquerque - Pyragraph

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About Jesse Littlebird

I am a music and life photographer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One can not have passion in anything without purpose, and purpose does not go without the passion. My purpose in photography is all about inviting the right moment and showing it through light. My passion is the pursuit of the elusive moment and evocative image.

I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in a household of two artists. One a filmmaker and storyteller, Larry Littlebird, and another a graphic designer and loving mother, Deborah Littlebird. From the start my eyes and ears have been filled with art. I moved on to college studying under wonderful teachers at the University of New Mexico’s Photography and Media Arts departments.

You can find me actively walking with camera in hand out on the streets, painting in my garage, drinking tea late at night in my home darkroom or out photographing the local music scene.

I hope to meet you soon,

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