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The Dam Breaks: An Overdue Catch-Up on All (er, Many) Things Pyragraph

Pyragraph editors - Pyragraph
Pyragraph editors up to no good in Old Town. L-R: Peri Pakroo, Josh Stuyvesant, Jeremy Kinter, Sage Harrington. Photo by Peri Pakroo.

Hey there, stranger! It’s me, Peri, your long-lost Editor. In truth, I haven’t really been lost except within the virtual pages of Pyragraph, where I know I have been woefully absent. I’m happy to say that our fab editorial team of Sage, Josh and Jeremy keeps things running so hummingly smooth that it’s all too easy for me to be checked out of writing duties (especially with all the pesky business-side stuff I’m focusing on these days). But dangit I do enjoy writing, and I have plenty to report, and here I have this publication that I hardly write for these days, and that’s just stupid. Wanting to get some posts done has been gnawing at me for months now so I’m going to do my best to turn the page and check back in—maybe even regularly! Stay tuned.

As I mentioned, Pyragraph is at this wonderful point now that our daily publishing is pretty well locked down. More and more artists and creatives contact us every day wanting to become contributors, so our content just keeps improving. We take no small amount of pride in the quality of the posts you’ll find here, thanks to our amazing contributors.

Have a listen to Self-Employed Happy Hour, our mimosa-fueled morning chats about the ups and downs of being an independent creative.

With the vast majority of our posts being first-person stories from working creatives, the honesty and depth of the voices at Pyragraph is a defining characteristic of our publication. As is their diversity: We offer posts from all different types of creatives, at all stages in their careers, from all around the world. We publish daily, so the library of experiences catalogued here since early 2013 is really becoming an awesome thing. For me, it’s super exciting to see Pyragraph grow into as extensive and rich a resource as it has become.

Here are just a few top-of-mind highlights:

  • Yesterday we wrapped our second season of our podcast, Self-Employed Happy Hour, which was, again, 3+ months’ worth of amazing conversations with creatively self-employed folks. You can listen to all previous episodes at our site, or at iTunes. If you haven’t checked it out yet, have a listen to our mimosa-fueled morning chats about the ups and downs of being an independent creative, why Jeremy hates NewsCastic, the trials and tribulations of independent publishing, and much, much more.
  • We’ll be trying out some new podcast formats this summer so keep an eye on our site, Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates. If you’re into email we can communicate that way with you too; we send email updates about every other week, and of course it’s free to subscribe. Look over in the right sidebar and you’ll see the signup form.
  • We’ll be involved with a couple events in Albuquerque, New Mexico this summer, including Creative 505, a family-friendly arts/culture/civic festival happening at Civic Plaza on May 30. Come find us for an Artist Advice Booth and info about contributing to or working with Pyragraph.
  • On September 19, Pyragraph will be hosting a Colloquia as part of 24 Hours of Art, on the topic of DIY promotion for independent creatives. Free to registered attendees, it will include a panel discussion, workshop and afterparty. Stay tuned for details as you won’t want to miss it! (Really. I never say that.)

We are filled to the brim with love and thanks for our sponsors who help keep our writers, photographers, artists and editors paid. All of these sponsors—Music Go Round, Tractor Brewing Company, the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild, Mindshare Studios and 516 ARTS—are heavily committed to their local creative communities and go out of their way to support arts and culture as an everyday part of doing business. Thanks so much to all of you for helping Pyragraph establish itself as an artist-centric online publication. We love working with you!

I’m super glad to be back in the Letter from the Editor’s seat and catch y’all up on our doings! I’ll try to be more regular about it, I promise.


Note: We are going to take a week off for Summer Break, from May 25 to 29. We’ll still be moderately active over on Facebook and Twitter (and we’re even trying to finally make a beachhead at Instagram) so check us out over there during the break.

Semi-Random Photos from My Outings

Pyragraph editors assess Zagster - Pyragraph
In which Pyragraph editors assess Zagster. Photo by Peri Pakroo.
Sage Harrington in teevee - Pyragraph
In which Sage and I find teevees at the park. Photo by Peri Pakroo.
Jeremy Kinter, camera operator - Pyragraph
Jeremy is helping bring Pyragraph into the Video Age. Photo by Peri Pakroo.
Josh Stuyvesant at 516 ARTS - Pyragraph
Josh at 516 ARTS‘ studio sale. Photo by Peri Pakroo.
Albuquerque Game Developers Guild meeting - Pyragraph
I’ve been going to the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild meetings to meet other creatives, and now I really want to develop a game. Photo by Peri Pakroo.
Peri Pakroo post-podcast - Pyragraph
Me, feeling a bit shellacked after the podcast season finale. Photo by Peri Pakroo.

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