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Pyragraph Hires Clarke Condé as Creative Director

Clarke Conde, Creative Director - PyragraphALBUQUERQUE, NM—Pyragraph is pleased to announce the addition of Clarke Condé as Pyragraph’s new Creative Director. Condé brings decades of experience in traditional print media as a photographer and newspaper editor in a career that has focused on visually telling the stories of working professionals.

“This is a big step in Pyragraph’s continuing mission to share authentic voices of working creatives, in an entertaining and visually compelling format,” said Pyragraph’s Publisher Peri Pakroo. “We’re proud of what we have built editorially since our launch in 2013, and ready to expand with similarly high-quality creative content. Clarke will help guide Pyragraph’s visual style as well as our expanding social media presence. Plus, as Clarke is a top-notch photographer you can absolutely expect more photos at Pyragraph.”

“Joining Pyragraph gives me the opportunity to make art of the business and culture of those that make art and culture their business,” said Condé. “I’m a photographer by trade, but an advocate for those that work for a living through the solidarity that comes from common struggles. I couldn’t be happier to join a publication that gives voice to the economics, culture and working lives of creative people.”

About Pyragraph: Pyragraph is a daily online creative career and lifestyle magazine featuring first-person posts from working artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers and other creatives worldwide, sharing entertaining stories and practical lessons learned about pursuing creative projects and careers. Our innovative artist-centric publication offers fresh content and thoughtful dialogue about how to make creative careers work, and how to build sustainable creative industries. Pyragraph’s content reflects an inclusive range of perspectives on creative careers and lifestyles, including juggling side jobs, finding markets, managing money, and more. Pyragraph’s bloggers represent many different types of creative work, and a broad range of career stages, from those just getting started in creative fields to veterans and professionals. They share what they’ve learned, and what they are learning—including the good, bad, and ugly—along the way. Learn more at Pyragraph.com.

About Clarke Condé: Clarke Condé is the former editor of organized labor’s oldest newspaper East of the Mississippi, The Labor News. He is the author of Work in Rochester: A Field Guide to the Local Economy. More of his photography can be seen at condephotography.com.

Media contact: Peri Pakroo—Publisher, Pyragraph. peri [at] pyragraph (dot) com.

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