PyraCast: Private Art

pyracast by Clarke Condé – Pyragraph
Photo by Clarke Conde.

First off, this is a different type of blog post, as it’s really just the intro to a podcast which you can listen to below. I wanted to take a stab at a topic-based podcast, having been inspired by events that unfolded in New York with photographer Arne Svenson’s exhibition titled The Neighbors, and the questions of privacy and art raised by his work. When does art become invasion of privacy? When does art cease to be so, and when is the line crossed if there is even one at all? This guy took pictures of his neighbors and created an exhibition out of it, then won a lawsuit they filed against him. All in the name of art. I decided to explore the subject in podcast form, with interviews and segments featuring artists with valuable insights to share. Lucky for me, Pyragraph has some amazing bloggers who are as intrigued by the subject as I am. Artist Jessamyn Lovell has won wide acclaim for her book Dear Erin Hart which features photos and documentation from Jessamyn’s quest to track down a woman who stole her wallet and identity a few years prior. Jessamyn joins in a roundtable discussion of privacy and art, plus she interviews her husband Lee Montgomery who teaches at the University of New Mexico on topics related to art, surveillance and drones. In another segment, journalist Emily Hill interviews New York-based street photographer David Geffin on etiquette and the voyeur behind the camera. Emily also joins our roundtable discussion, as does Pyragraph Contributing Editor Josh Stuyvesant. Thanks to The 1960 Sci-Fi Era of the Nothng Forevr crew for the music. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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