Pyragraph LIVE from the Albuquerque Press Club: Sam Miller We chat and raise pints with Sam just before he leaves for a European tour

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Photo By Clarke Condé.

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We feel super lucky to have local music legend Sam Miller as a regular guest for our various podcasts, videocasts and such. Sam stops by on his way from living in New York to touring with blues phenom Ryan McGarvey in Europe. Hosts Peri Pakroo and Clarke Condé ply him with beers at the Albuquerque Press Club and questions about what’s up with living in New York versus Seattle versus New Mexico; songwriting inspiration in the middle of the night; and hunting turkeys with his dad. Big thanks to Contributing Editor Jeremy Kinter and Turtle O’Toole for running tech and keeping things afloat.

Be sure to check us out live every Thursday at 6pm Mountain Time at And call in to the show! Our digits are 562-MIMOSA-5.

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