Pyragraph LIVE from the Albuquerque Press Club: Mauro Woody

Mauro Woody - Pyragraph

We talk with electronic music wizardess Mauro Woody of Lady Uranium, Chicharra, The Glass Menageries, and Merma and Roberta, to name just a few of her musical projects. We chat with Mauro about the vibrant scene for women-led experimental music in Albuquerque and beyond, including stories from the Gatas Y Vatas and Titwrench festivals that she just participated in this fall.

Props to Contributing Editor Jeremy Kinter and Turtle O’Toole for running A/V and tech.

Be sure to check us out live on Thursdays at 6pm Mountain Time at www.pyragraph.com/live. And call in to the show! Our digits are 562-MIMOSA-5.

Theme song: “You Know Who You Are” by Sam Miller.

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