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Pyragraph LIVE from the Press Club: Ryan Leonski and Shandiin Woodward

Shandiin Woodward and Ryan Leonski - Pyragraph

We were thrilled to welcome game developers Ryan Leonski and Shandiin Woodward to the Albuquerque Press Club to chat about their newly released game Sky Pets! We also hear the story of how Ryan and Shandiin met, their company Subliminal Gaming, their recent engagement, and how they’re involved with helping grow the game dev scene here in ABQ via the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild.

Thanks as always to Contributing Editor Jeremy Kinter and Turtle O’Toole for running A/V and tech with steady hands.

Be sure to check us out live on Thursdays at 6pm Mountain Time at www.pyragraph.com/live. And call in to the show! Our digits are 562-MIMOSA-5.

Theme song: “You Know Who You Are” by Sam Miller.

Albuquerque Game Developers Guild - Pyragraph

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