Music Video Showcase: “Save Dat Money” by Lil Dicky

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Holding the attention of an internet audience is no simple task, so a music video that stretches past eight minutes is a lot to ask. But the premise was so good, I had to watch. A rap video shot on a zero budget? What a concept. So I clicked on the link, and the eight minutes flew by with me smiling and chuckling to myself. Throughout the video Lil Dicky is going around LA asking rich strangers if he can borrow their toys for his video. “Can we shoot footage inside your mansion? Can we borrow this Lamborghini? Mind if we sit on your yacht for 15 minutes?”

Lil Dicky broke through to the mainstream with a viral video back in 2013, but I only learned of him earlier this year. Watch a few of his humorous videos, and it will come as no surprise to learn that his rap career was started half as a joke to push-start his comedy career. That being said, his rap skills are impressive, his lyrics are clever, and his approach is refreshing. Not that he’s the first person to rap about being average (look up Jon Lajoie), but Lil Dicky does it in his own way and keeps it fun.


This video was directed by Tony Yacenda, who has directed a couple of other Lil Dicky videos. He also has several shorts under his belt, some of which are essentially commercials for various name brands. Yacenda seems to be slowly infiltrating the Hollywood circles (Sarah Silverman is in the “Save Dat Money” video), so it seems he and Lil Dicky make a good match, as they are both coming up at the same time.

This footage is part rap video, part documentary, and part social experiment. I dig it, what do you think?

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