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Dear Little Bobby,

It seems that our country has never been more divided over politics. We are so polarized, I’m afraid of what will happen if and when Donald Trump loses. So many of his supporters think that the election is rigged, they hate the government as much as they love their guns. A dangerous mixture. What can the rest of us do about these misinformed, angry fools? Will this election even be “over” after it is over?

—Bleeding Heart Mary


Dear Bleeding Heart Mary,

Yes our country does SEEM to be more divided than ever, and it SEEMS to be getting worse. This polarization has become more pronounced as the years have gone by. Many of us remember when the Commander ‘N’ Thief George “Dubya” actually DID steal the election of 2000, with his little brother Jebbie’s help down in Florida. Those of us on the left bitched and moaned, a few marched, but no one took up arms. Most people just sat on their asses, with 1/3 of eligible voters not even bothering to vote that year.

I know it is hard to love someone when they are preaching hate.


Even after that sorry motherfucker sent thousands of US soldiers to their early deaths in Iraq and spent TRILLIONS of dollars to kill, injure and displace MILLIONS of Iraqi children, women and men, a few of us marched—but back in 2003, most of us were too busy watching “The Apprentice” on NBC, or discovering the internet. We could not be bothered to protest.

We are all responsible for the current state of American politics. When was that last time that you called your senator or congressperson to demand that the ultra-rich start paying their fucking share? As a society, we are too busy watching celebrities dance on TV. Our noses are glued to our phones. We barely even look up, much less speak up or take any action. A good action to start taking would be to fucking vote, and not just when a misogynistic orange millionaire is running for president.

For President Obama’s election, a record number of people turned out to vote, but two years later, most of those same people could not be bothered to vote in the off-year, congressional election of 2010. As a result, the Republican party strengthened their hold on the Congress, so that they could obstruct the President and tie up the courts—and the rest of us let them do it. When I look around I see many people who are focused on themselves instead of helping others. When they do look up from their phones they see a lot of shit which scares them. This fear is the basis of the support for the human deli platter named Donald Drumpf.

If we do not start working together to dispel the fear and anger that is around us, then we are all fucked.

Twenty years ago, Carl Sagan said that we were already past the tipping point for reversing climate change. So while, some amongst us are still busy trying to legislate love and hate, trying to control the bodies of women and give millionaires tax-exempt hand jobs, the rest of us know that this shit is real. The ONLY thing for us to do is to help each other. Teach each other. Love each other.

I know it is hard to love someone when they are preaching hate. Many of us deal with this every day, seemingly because we are gay, or black, or female, or different in any way. But the truth is their hatred comes from their own ignorance and fear. We can only try to help. If we ignore “them” or hate “them,” we do ourselves a disservice and only make the troubles in the world much worse. These hateful fools are a big part of us. They are our own family members. Many times they are looking at us in the mirror. I want to try coming down from my self-professed moral high ground to lend a hand. We all need and want the same thing…and we all need each other.

—Little Bobby Tucker
“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.” —The Beatles, “All You Need Is Love” 1967

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