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Dear Little Bobby,

I have a great child and I recently married a great guy, but I’m still stressed out about the world. I’m trying to take in everything about Russia’s hacking and swaying our election. There are a lot of conflicting sources and no way to feel a certain way about anything. This has me depressed and emotionally beat up. I love your insight and would like some direction to tackle all the things I’m feeling and reading. I want to be the positive person I used to be, for me and my family.

—Depressed About Politics


Dear Depressed About Politics,

In over 40 years of me being on this planet I have never seen the world this fucked up. I have been following politics closely since I was a child in the early ’80s, and what we are witnessing right now is completely different and insane. I am embarrassed to be related to people that support this Russian puppet. Relationships in my life have been damaged by people supporting his racism and misogyny. It really has been devastating. I have best friends from years ago, with whom I no longer want to speak.

Keep yourself informed while remaining grounded.

Like you, I also got really depressed after the election but here is how I have been able to feel better: I remembered that this most recent year has been the best year of my life—and since you are recently married I think you might be able to relate. I was single for almost 14 years. But now I am two years into a relationship with an amazing young woman. When I was single I was trying to practice and cultivate love in very real ways, but I STILL cannot believe how much this young lady and I love each other. It just keeps growing and it is amazing.

Yet when I look at the world, it can be truly depressing. I have two minds regarding this. One is that I want to work on making things better, by voting, by talking about this stuff online and in person, by recognizing my white male privilege and not abusing it, by being a vegetarian, because “human privilege” exists too (and I know that the way we treat animals reflects how we treat each other). These are things you and I can do in the immediate moment to feel better and to try reducing the negative around us.

I also know that you and I are truly fortunate. Just from your question I know that you are fortunate. There are a lot of people in this world that spend their hours and days just trying to find clean water and a safe place for their kids. You already have what so many other people are looking for. I know that when I allow my anger towards the world to affect me, it affects my fiancee and my dogs (one is very scared of my foul language). That is why I am trying hard to have a happy home by telling my fiancee how much I love and cherish her and by expressing to her that I do not take her for granted. The same goes for my dogs. Their little lives are short and I want them to be happy, surrounded by as much love as possible.

I hope you are taking this approach with your new husband and your child. You can only control you. You can try to be the best parent you can be. You have a new marriage. Make your life as wonderful as possible by spreading love whenever and wherever you can. Meditation has helped me with this, before and after this election. It could help you also. The meditation center I go to has a lot of beginner classes and there is no pressure to believe in a “Buddha.” You only have to sit quietly and open your heart to the teachings on compassion. This can directly help you with the constant barrage of shit which is happening to us and around us.

As for what we see, I watch less shitty “news” since this election. I still watch the PBS Newshour almost nightly. I check in with the Huffington Post, and every morning I listen to the Stephanie Miller Show on 1350AM. She is very political and hilarious. Keep yourself informed while remaining grounded. Get active, make phone calls and spread the word. But do not let negativity, anger and fear consume you. If you do, you will be just like “them” in the worst ways. Love the wonderful life that you have. We truly are fortunate, which is why most people in the world would trade places with you and I, in an instant, if given the chance.

—Little Bobby Tucker

“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time (It can’t get more worse)” —The Beatles, “Getting Better” 1967

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