Democratic AF Pilot Episode Featuring Billy McCall Peri and Billy talk political grief and making art about it

In this Pilot episode of the Democratic AF videocast, host Peri Pakroo talks with Billy McCall about his new book, Four-Year Depression, how he’s dealing with our shitshow politics, and how we can use art to build new concepts into new realities. 

Peri also puts out the call for guests for future Democratic AF episodes and shares some ideas about political organizing. We hope the show inspires some ideas for putting your energies into your communities, especially between now and the election in November!

Please note the excellent framing, seamless editing and audio purity. Shout outs to Stue Trory and Turtle O’Toole for A/V troubleshooting.

Democratic AF art by Eva Avenue

Music: “The Dirt I Settled In” by Bellemah

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About Peri Pakroo

Peri Pakroo is the founder, Publisher and Editor of Pyragraph. Outside her work with Pyragraph, Peri is a business author and coach, specializing in creative and smart strategies for self-employment, small businesses and nonprofits. Her focus is on helping people build structure for their passions to find success on their own terms. Peri is the author of several top-selling Nolo titles on small business and nonprofits including The Small Business Start-Up Kit, The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit and Starting & Building a Nonprofit. Since 2012 she has produced and hosted the Self-Employed Happy Hour podcast.

Peri accidentally started her first band The Moist Towelettes at the age of 40 with her husband Turtle O’Toole. Since then she has played in a number of bands including The Directory, Bellemah and her own downer-country project, Peri & the FAQs.

In 2012, Peri saw the need for a resource featuring the voices of a wide range of creative workers and the many different career paths they take. She founded Pyragraph to fill this need. Here’s the Pyragraph start-up story.


  1. Eva Avenue on February 6, 2020 at 9:14 am

    Loving this format – hell yeah for showing you can be an activist without knowing what you’re doing + SO GOOD TO SEE BILLY WHAT UUUPPPPP

    • Peri Pakroo on February 6, 2020 at 11:08 am

      Knowing what you’re doing is wildly overrated. :)

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