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Artists on Lockdown: Call for Interviews

Theater closed - Pyragraph
Photo by oddharmonic under Creative Commons license.

Hey artist/musician/community frens: If any of you might be interested in doing a Zoom interview with me that I would stream at Pyragraph TV, please let me know. Many of us are stuck in isolation, unable to share or promote our work in the ways originally planned like tours, festivals, conferences, etc., so I was thinking it might be of help to offer a way to spread the word digitally about what’s happening with your work. Beyond hearing about your specific projects I’d also love to talk about how you’re dealing with life on lockdown. I can have multiple folks on at once, so your collaborators could Zoom in too.

If you’re interested, please email me at peri at pyragraph dot com. I will do my best to get back to everyone promptly but please keep in mind my kids’ school was canceled so I’m juggling a few extra balls at the moment.

Hope to chat with you. Stay well!

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