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Coffee + Creatives Opportunities: 3.4.20

Coffee + Creatives Opportunities - Pyragraph

Welcome to Coffee + Creatives Opportunities! Coffee + Creatives is a meetup group based in Downtown Albuquerque, and active on our Facebook Group page. We share a lot of opportunities and resources on that page, so please come and join us!

The opportunities listed below are pulled from our Facebook Group page and tend to be flexible and/or remote, though we will include some from our home state of New Mexico.

With that in mind, let’s get to it.

Creative Jobs 

Audience Marketer — Buffer (worldwide remote)

You’ll focus on getting Buffer’s brand in front of a new customer segment through content distribution, organic and paid promotion, and creative campaigns across social media, search, email, partnerships, and any other channel you believe in. You’ll be asked to grow our existing audience and establish a new one. You’ll help us shore up lifecycle marketing at the top of the funnel.

Success in this role looks like:

  • Every new piece of content reaches 1000s of people, thanks to you.
  • Reproducible playbooks for distributing content via paid social, display ads, email, and search.
  • A fantastic, on-brand social media presence that makes people go, “Whoa.”
  • Low CPMs and CPCs, getting lower every day.

(Tentative) Deadline to apply: March 6, 2020.



Growth Marketing Manager — Teaching.com (remote)

For over a decade, Teaching.com’s products have relied on the natural word-of-mouth growth that comes from building quality products. This role is about building off the continued organic momentum to provide predictive control over user growth. We are looking for a marketing leader with an entrepreneurial mindset that loves technology, education, and the concept of build-measure-learn. With rocketship user growth as your North Star, coupled with direct access and complete support from the executive team, your mission is to develop, test, and iterate on strategies to grow adoption across our new and existing products. The ideal candidate is technically savvy across the digital marketing spectrum, knows when and how to outsource and manage experts, and embraces the role of traditional mediums in the modern marketing flywheel.

Full-time, remote role



Creative Funding / Opportunities

The Do Good Artist Residency 2020

The Do Good Residency is open to local, regional, national, or international professional contemporary artists.
There are two slots available in 2020, one in the Spring, one in the Fall. Both are available to all professional contemporary artists, nationally and internationally.
Duration: 3 weeks
Block #1: June 1 – 22
Block #2: September 12 – October 3
What is provided:
  • selected artists will be given a stipend of $1700CAD for the 3-week residency
  • studio space: the studio space is located in a section of Upstreet’s warehouse. The space is industrial, with a concrete floor. There are no windows, but there is a garage door that can be opened. Lighting is provided and can be adapted to the needs of the artist. Studio is furnished with a desk and chair
  • lodging, including linens and towels
  • support for community interaction & networking
  • administrative support for organizing artist talks and workshops
  • promotion of the artist-in-residence, their work, and artist talks/events
  • access to certain equipment upon request (ask for what you need)
  • access to peer critique/curatorial feedback upon request
Travel costs + assistance with travel visas for international artists not included. Artists must be over the age of 19 to apply in compliance with provincial law, as the residency is in a licensed beverage establishment.
There is no application fee. Deadline: February 28, 2020 at midnight Atlantic time.


Other Opportunities

Climbing Grief Fund (CGF) and the American Alpine Club (AAC)

The Climbing Grief Grant offers financial support for individuals directly impacted by grief, loss and/or trauma related to climbing, ski mountaineering or alpinism. Those seeking support may apply for this grant at any time throughout the year. There are currently 15 Climbing Grief Grants to be awarded in 2020.
The grants are awarded in amounts of $600 each and are to be used toward individual therapy or a professional program that engages a grief or trauma framework. On the CGF website is a mental health directory created to help anyone in the community find a therapist and/or supportive resources for grief and trauma. Grant applicants may also select a therapist or program that is not listed in the directory.
The Climbing Grief Fund was founded in 2018 by professional climber Madaleine Sorkin after a series of tragedies in her community. Sorkin currently directs CGF and said, “Offsetting some of the cost of therapy for individuals impacted by climbing-related tragedy was the original idea that pulled me into starting CGF so it’s exciting for me to see these grants become a reality. The grants are a concrete service that we can provide for our community and my hope is that our community quickly uses them up and CGF secures funding to offer more in 2020.”

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