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Hey arts-loving friends! Albuquerque’s Arts Hub is raising funds for artists impacted by the pandemic. Donate at their fundraising page:

Donations made before March 26 will be matched by JBIT tech so get on it!

We talked about Arts Hub’s fundraiser yesterday on the Pyragraph LIVE videostream and I took a stab at doing a “book sale livestream fundraiser” to support their effort, so I pulled together a little video from yesterday’s footage. Thanks to The Directory for the music, and to Eva Avenue and Turtle O’Toole who joined me for the livestream. :)

Thanks to Arts Hub and everyone else coming together to support our creative community!



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Peri accidentally started her first band The Moist Towelettes at the age of 40 with her husband Turtle O’Toole. Since then she has played in a number of bands including The Directory, Bellemah and her own downer-country project, Peri & the FAQs.

In 2012, Peri saw the need for a resource featuring the voices of a wide range of creative workers and the many different career paths they take. She founded Pyragraph to fill this need. Here’s the Pyragraph start-up story.

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