‘The Canceled Shows’ on Pyragraph TV


Hey y’all. Now that work has to be at home (one company even installed a VPN on my laptop!), I made a chatty video featuring music by bands who’ve had to cancel shows or tours cause of COVID19 self-distancing. If you like what you hear, go to their page and support an artist today — buy an album or some tracks!

Links and titles:

“Heathers” by Prism Bitch: https://prismbitchband.bandcamp.com

“By The Time” by Sam Miller: https://sammillermusician.com

“Personality Change” by Glove: https://glove.bandcamp.com

“Telepathetic” by Jeremy and the Clones: https://jeremyandtheclones.bandcamp.com

“Salt For Slugs” (intro and outro music): Sonic Graffiti: https://sonicgraffiti.bandcamp.com


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