THE CANCELED SHOWS: TPC, Alli Wodar, Amanda LaForest on Exotica Music & Tiki Eva Ave rescues some tunes from the cracks of COVID

I just finished episode 3 of The Canceled Shows and am so excited to introduce you to some really amazing people and talented artists! This shows features music by musicians who had shows canceled due to COVID19 concerns. See artist links below, in the order they appeared, to find out more!

“So Why” by TPC:

“Love Is A Loaded Word” by Alli Wodar, from her YouTube channel.

Amanda LoForest (@thepeachmoon) on the music, imagery and drinks of tiki culture:

“Salt For Slugs” (intro and outro music), Sonic Graffiti:

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Eva Avenue is a writer, editor, painter, photographer, filmmaker, musician and designer. She lives in Manhattan where she keeps a chatty Youtube vlog about her experience as an artist in the city.

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