Join Us to Supercharge Your Vote: A Livestream Event!

Supercharge Your Vote - May 23 - Pyragraph

Are you registered to vote? Have you requested your absentee ballot so you can vote by mail? How about that census? We’ve been living through such extreme weirdness that these otherwise easy civic activities can somehow fall between the cracks — so we’re hosting this virtual event to help get you supercharged!

Watch LIVE and join the chat at Pyragraph TV on YouTube.

This livestream, co-hosted by Pyragraph and the New Mexico Humanities Council, will feature:

  • information and resources for registering and voting, as well as other civic engagement activities such as participating in the census, PLUS
  • guest chats about Native suffrage in New Mexico, the women’s vote centennial (coming up in August), voting rights and other voting-related topics, AND OMG
  • appearances and musical performances from Tsídii, Sam Miller, and Hurdle!

Hosted by Pyragraph’s Publisher Peri Pakroo who will be joined by Ruth E. Dove and Ayanna Nelson-Freeman from Coffee + Creatives / Albuquerque, and Ellen Dornan of the NM Humanities Council.

Join us LIVE on Saturday, May 23 from 4 to 7pm Mountain Time at Pyragraph TV, our YouTube channel, where you can join in the chat!

After the livestream wraps you can watch it here:

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